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Positive and negative homogenization

The function of this workshop is to fully mix the materials used in the positive and negative poles of the stoichiometric ratio in the homogenization tank. In this process, the dust must be strictly controlled to prevent the dust from affecting the consistency of the battery. Equivalent to medical level






In the positive electrode coating workshop, the stirred slurry is uniformly attached to the foamed nickel, and then suspended and dried in an oven heated by a special oil, the purpose of which is to avoid the flow of the slurry and ensure uniform adhesion, and pass the B after the heating is completed. The ray weight meter detects the mm length weight. This is also an important part of ensuring the consistency of the performance of the finished battery.

The negative electrode coating workshop will uniformly adhere the stirred slurry to the nickel-plated steel strip, and then suspend and dry in a special oil-heated oven. The purpose is to avoid the slurry flow and ensure uniform adhesion. The mm length weight was measured by a B-ray weight meter. This is also an important part of ensuring the consistency of the performance of the finished battery



Rolling workshop


In the rolling workshop, the positive and negative substrates with positive and negative materials are pressed through rollers with a pressure of about 50 tons. On the one hand, the coated materials are tighter, the energy density is increased, and the thickness is consistent. On the other hand, it will further control dust and humidity. Unfortunately, due to the current thermal stability of domestic materials, there is still a certain gap with foreign materials. In order to ensure safety and achieve better performance, all imported materials are currently used




Positive and negative cutting


The crushed positive and negative electrodes are slit according to the size of the battery to be produced, and the burr (visible under the microscope) is fully controlled. The purpose of this is to prevent the burrs from penetrating the diaphragm and causing serious safety hazards. The cutting speed of the current cutting workshop is 60 meters per minute




Forming a group process


Composition workshop

After a certain length of the pole piece is baked, a white separator is added and then wound into a core. Since the negative electrode needs to wrap the positive electrode, there is a diaphragm in the middle, and the difference between the positive and negative pole pieces is controlled within a few tenths of a millimeter (the anode and the separator are completed in a few tenths of a millimeter), so the degree of automation and precision here are further improved. . The current winder speed is 2 seconds / piece



Group line


Here is the most automated one in the production workshop we visited. It can be completely turned into a light-off workshop. There is no need to intervene at all. The assembly capacity per minute is 150 batteries.

Set up the line including the shell-welding bottom-welding current collector-injection-installation safety valve-positive cap welding seal-jet coding plate



High temperature aging and charging and discharging process


After the battery comes out of the assembly workshop, it needs to be placed in a 65 °C environment for high temperature aging to accelerate the activation of the active material of the battery. After completion, it is placed in an automatic charging and discharging cabinet for charging and discharging. After several days of charge and discharge cycles, different batteries can be realized. The selection of the capacity level battery establishes the basis for the next group consistency




Welding process


The battery pack with the same consistency level (with a voltage deviation of less than 2mv and a DC internal resistance of less than 0.1mΩ) is soldered into a battery module required for Toyota or Honda models through an automated welding machine; the package can be shipped




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